London Hosting Centre

London Docklands (DLR: Crossharbour)


6th Floor 5-6 Greenwich View Place London E14 9NN (DLR Crossharbour)


Other Contact details:
see www.telstra-international.co.uk





Datahop Services available:
Datahop Transit
Datahop Ports for Interlink
NTT Verio Layer 2 transit
Sprint Layer 2 Transit
TeliaSonera transit
Datahop Cabling and Fibre laying


Datahop Ports 3-5 days. Datahop transit 3-5 days. Layer 2 transit 3-7 days. All leadtimes include cabling leadtime


Datahop presence:
Datahop was the one of the first multi 10 GigE independent providers at Telstra LHC. Datahop classifies this Datacentre as fully on-net, popular for supply of Datahop Multihomed IP Transit, Datahop ports for point-to-point and point-to-multipoint interlinks, plus all IP services from NTT Verio, Telia Sonera and Sprint are available.


Purchased from PSINet by Telstra a few years ago. This well spec-d building now with Layer 2 connectivity from Datahop has sold well over from late 2006. Price rises for the remainder of space decrease its attractiveness.


Availability of Colocation:
Believed some limited space, consider the many suite holders as colocation sources as well.


Cabling Policy:
Approved contractors (includes Datahop) can apply for permits to work.


Access Policy:
All visits must be advised by email in advance, officially 24 hours in advance however usually access is granted within an hour from email. A form is required to be completed. No concept of 24/7 walk in access.


Exclusively Datacentre and Telstra offices.


Remote hands:
Chargeable unless negotiated.


Limited parking free and available on site outside.


24/7 receipt of goods 24 hours notice required to dedicated storage area.


2x10Gbps fibre links. 3rd Floor.


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