Telecity Meridian Gate (ex Redbus)

London Docklands (DLR: South Quay or Crossharbour)


Memaco House, 215 Marsh Wall London E14 9FJ


Other Contact details:
see www.telecitygroup.com



Datahop Services available:
Datahop Transit
Datahop Ports for Interlink
NTT Verio Layer 2 transit
Sprint Layer 2 Transit
TeliaSonera transit


Datahop Ports 7-10 days. Datahop transit 7-10 days. Layer 2 transit 7-14 days. All leadtimes include Telecity cabling leadtime of 10 business days.


Datahop presence:
Datahop was the first multi 10 GigE provider at Meridian Gate. Datahop classifies this Datacentre as fully on-net, popular for supply of Datahop Multihomed IP Transit, Datahop ports for point-to-point and point-to-multipoint interlinks, plus all IP services from NTT Verio, Telia Sonera and Sprint are available.


A smaller expansion site and the third Redbus building and popular with suite holders and smaller customers as was excellent value for money. Access restrictions and 2006 price rises caused some suite owners to look elsewhere.


Availability of Colocation:
Space may be available on new contracts. Contact direct or via resellers or suite owners. Ordinarily 8Amps (240V) per rack.


Cabling Policy:
100% chargeable monopoly with recurring charges. Official 10 business day leadtime. Standard quote must be obtained, accepted by PO and then 10 business day leadtime apply. Obtain written confirmation of acceptance of PO to ensure leadtime is applied correctly. Connection to equipment included in the cable install fee. Emergency cables usually run within 24 hours (for urgent fibre you need to accept site provided connectors and convert/resplice yourself).


Access Policy:
All visits must be advised by email in advance, officially 24 hours in advance. An access code required for entry will be supplied usually within an hour. Access code can be requested up to 30 days in advance. No concept of 24/7 permanent access.


Dedicated Datacentre but no perimeter maintained. Reception, internal barriers and tag required to open datafloor door.


Remote hands:
Variable. NOC staff reported not always to be available 24/7


Limited parking free and available on site outside.


24/7 receipt of goods 24 hours notice required to dedicated storage area. Collection required within 14 days otherwise chargable for storage.


2x10Gbps fibre links. Level 2.


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