Telehouse North
dc_telehouse_north Location:
London Docklands (DLR: East India)


Coriander Avenue, London E14 2AA


Other Contact details:
see www.telehouse.net



Datahop Services available:
Datahop Transit
Datahop Ports for Interlink
NTT Verio Layer 2 transit
Sprint Layer 2 Transit
TeliaSonera transit Datahop Cabling and Fibre laying


Datahop Ports. 2-5 days. Datahop transit 2-5 days. Layer 2 transit 2-14 days including cabling


Datahop presence:
Datahop classifies this Datacentre as fully on-net, popular for supply of Datahop Multihomed IP Transit, Datahop ports for point-to-point and point-to-multipoint interlinks, plus all IP services from NTT Verio, Telia Sonera and Sprint are available.


Unofficial home of the UK Internet with excellent connectivity, international landing and all major carriers represented. One of the first UK DC's in the 1990s.


Availability of Colocation:
Space may be secured for new racks directly with Telehouse. Ordinarily 4A (240V) per rack although some customers have secured higher amounts on renegotiation. No DC power available from the facility directly although colocation of devices which convert AC to DC has been permitted.


Cabling Policy:
Open. Any approved contractor with requisite insurances complying with Telehouse working practices and routing may apply for a permit to work from the Cabling Manager.


Access Policy:
True 24/7 walk-in for contacts on access list. For others within 15 minutes of e-mail receipt from approved authorised contact.


Exclusive use as Datacentre and Telehouse Offices. Barriers, gates and maintained perimeter.


Remote Hands:
Excellent. Minimum of one highly trained technician available 24/7. Reboots and minimal eyes/hands (within reason) currently free. Connection of circuits or more involved work is chargeable. Can be a 30min-60min delay for hands as this is a very busy site.


Limited parking free and available on site.

24/7 receipt of goods without notice to dedicated storage area. Collection required within 1 month.


2x10Gbps fibre links. Router core. Core Private Peering Point. TFM10. TFM2. TFM3.


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