Thus iPHouse

London Docklands (DLR: East India)


Unit 1&2 14 Lanrick Road, London E14 0JF (East India DLR, opposite side of A13 from Telehouse)


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Datahop Services available:
Datahop Transit
Datahop Ports for Interlink
NTT Verio Layer 2 transit
Sprint Layer 2 Transit
TeliaSonera transit


Datahop Ports 10-15 days. Datahop transit 10-15 days. Layer 2 transit 10-15 days. All leadtimes include THUS official cabling leadtime.


Datahop presence:
Datahop was the first and largest Layer 2 provider to PoP iPHouse. Datahop has classified this Datacentre as fully on-net however new site policies (to be confirmed) may have now converted this datacentre to a monopoly whereby colocation customers can only purchase IP transit and other services from THUS.


Initially a Telia Datacentre leased to BusinesServe/Legend who were then purchased by THUS. Initially a budget priced datacentre which underwent price rises soon after Datahop popped the facility bringing useful Layer 2 to the building (previously only a shared GigE ring was available) then around 60+ racks were sold. Diverse switching available with Datahop.


Availability of Colocation:
Believed to have some limited space, consider the many suite holders as colocation sources as well.


Cabling Policy:
Offical monopoly with one-off charges non-recurring. Legend are not able to splice fibre however may be able to lay it unspliced for you to splice. Distances are short so fibre is rarely required.


Access Policy:
No true 24/7 access making emergency support almost unworkable. No concept of permanent access for non-suite owners currently even for carriers. All requests must be emailed ideally during business hours before 1pm and may take between 30 minutes and several hours to process. A Thus CC number is usually required. Account managers can grant access in exceptional circumstances. Mobile numbers should be obtained as well as emergency contact details.


Dedicated datacentre. Proper perimeter maintained.


Remote hands:
Chargeable for most jobs. Online reboot interface reportedly available. Contractors could also do this, but see access section for difficulties here.


Limited parking free and available on site outside.


Believed that goods will be received and kept in a dedicated area.


2x10Gbps fibre links. Diverse switching with Datahop.


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