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About Datahop


What Capacity does Datahop have?

All customer backbone ports connect to switches with 20gig of capacity leaving the building meaning no aggregation issues.


What happens if there is an equipment failure – we have heard of some suppliers being down for days waiting for equipment?

We carry spare optics and switches and do not rely merely on support contracts.


How can Datahop ensure my transit service is reliable?

Our transit is provisioned on two geographically diverse Cisco backbone routers in two different buildings. Each building has multiple routes to your equipment via our resilient layer2 EAPS ring.


Is Datahop a real company?

We own and support all our own hardware in all of the datacentres we operate from, we are not a virtual operator in any sense.


Do we need to run BGP to have resilient service links?

There is no need to run BGP to be multihomed, an HSRP solution is used to ensure a gateway is available from one of the two cores if you wish not to run BGP or an AS.


Can I get independent PI space for my company?

Where customers qualify by being of sufficient size we apply for independent IP space registered to your company not ourselves which is portable and can be taken anywhere rather than trapping customer in by IP space, we feel our quality of service being second to none keeps them with us.


Can I connect to other services through Datahop?

Major London wholesale DSL and VOIP providers are on-net and can be connected to over a VLAN between yourself and those providers.


Datahop are great value but I have heard some people choose services cheaper than Datahop?

This may well be possible, though not likely for the same quality products or reliability of service, Datahop is a customer service focused company providing round the clock support 24/7 There will sometimes be small virtual companies that can cut corners to provide a budget service - We do not use partial transit feeds or route-leaks to supplement peerings and affect the quality of our transit by relying on others routing choices or equipment.


How does Datahop avoid contention issues and congestion on its network?

We use one router one task ie. do not use routers for both MPLS and routing tasks but the network architecture is separated into logical layers at additional infrastructure cost for higher reliability. 


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