Installation Services

Datahop provide a wide range of competitive installation and infrastructure services including the installation of servers, network equipment or structured cabling panels. Datahop are familiar with the most recent technologies from the majority of common vendors and through our suppliers we can also access and deliver installation accessories quickly at competitive prices.

Datahop’s Infrastructure team was created to actually “walk the walk” and from the experience gained in building our internal high performance network throughout 21 data centres in UK and Europe understand the differing business needs and challenges that can arise in a build, installation or test environment.

Datahop have carried out thousands of infrastructure projects and established an excellent reputation for providing first class service to our customers for many years.

  • Equipment: Installation, relocation & setup
  • Structured patch panel planning & design.
  • Audit or inventories including: Labelling, serial #, digital photos and cabinet locations.
  • Installation and configuration of KVM equipment, power monitoring or Webcams
  • Swapping or installation of replaceable components (Fan, Hard Drive, Power Supply, etc.)

Our staff deal with most of the data centre groups in the UK and Europe on a daily basis.

We pride ourselves on our performance, fast response speed and flexibility, delivering cost-effective solutions across London to meet your specific requirements on time and within budget.

Scheduled installation work is usually arranged to be completed within 48-72 hours subject to access, we can also undertake same-day or urgent work when available and we are perfectly placed geographically to respond rapidly to our customers most common needs.





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