Datahop ultra high speed network links 21 major datacentres across London, Paris, Amsterdam & Frankfurt in a protected ring architecture.

Before Datahop, networks in London had a choice of expensive non-redundant fibre links, public shared peering exchanges or organically grown rings contending for services on rings present in few Datacentres with backbones running at only gigE.

Businesses with access ports on the Datahop network flexibly and cost effectively build their network presence by forming protected private interlinks to diversify, collect and distribute services in these diverse buildings.

Our customers leverage the different strengths of these datacentres to obtain accessible colocation, connectivity with partners or as part of a business continuity strategy.


Service Speed Monthly fee per port Installation fee
VLAN Copper Port 100 Mbps £75 £99
VLAN Copper Port 1 Gbps £175 £99
VLAN Fibre Port 1 Gbps £175 £249

International Capable EU Copper Port 100 Mbps £149.50 £99
International Capable EU Copper Port 1 Gbps £349.50 £99
International Capable EU Fibre Port 1 Gbps £349.50 £249


Tariffs listed are based on yearly contracts. Short term contracts can be arranged please contact the sales team for further details.


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