Datahop LIR Service Catalogue Pricing – PI Space or AS#


All Address space must be registered by the owner either via an LIR (such as Datahop) or directly if the owner is a full RIPE member.  Datahop can register AS numbers and independent PI address space that will remain registered to the individual company or End User as long as the criteria for the original assignment are met.


Datahop will advertise any registered address block but cannot guarantee that all addresses will be globally routable. This is because the filtering policies implemented by certain ISP & transit providers around the world are beyond RIPE or Datahop’s control.


Contract Agreement and Charging

To comply with RIPE requirements, companies and end users having received existing PI space allocations require registration within RIPE’s Database by Datahop as a LIR. In order to register your network allocation please complete the Datahop LIR registration form.


Please note:  Registration of PI space or AS# incurs a periodical maintenance fee from RIPE in order to operate and administer their registration database which will be collected by Datahop’s annual charge.


New Request Transit Customer pricing

All new requests for PI space and AS# from Datahop Transit customers will be subject to a nominal admin fee and  will be required to complete Datahop LIR registration form  ahead of Datahop submitting the request to RIPE for the network address space allocation




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