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Datahop deliver resilient connectivity services, transit and interlinks throughout key UK and European data centres as well as a wide range of infrastructure and associated services. Datahop also provide a full range of LIR services to Business customers and End Users.

Network Allocation Address space – PA or PI?

Datahop provide both types of network address space to accommodate differing customer requirements. RIPE recommend most companies use PA space allocations aggregated into the address range of a larger network and announced globally as a single route to reduce the possibility that the shorter prefix in independent allocations may be affected or blocked by the filtering policies of large transit providers or ISPs.

PA – Datahop maintain a range of non transferable PA address space that are advertised on the Internet along with Datahop’s large aggregated address blocks and are available for our customers use free of charge, Datahop manage the routing directly for our multi-homed transit customers ensuring the lowest latency and highest resilience between three diverse carriers and our customer-focused private peering agreements.

PI space can be registered by Datahop on request for companies with specific business requirements who prefer to administer and maintain their own address space, although requiring the customer to take on and manage their own equipment and routing announcements. This may be worthwhile for companies with the appropriate technical skills, for a number of reasons such as:

  • Security – Utilising VPN technologies to allow remote workers and branch office locations to maintain internally addressable IP space within the company’s network.
  • Resilience – Removing single points of failure from your network can minimise downtime and allows continuity in the event of network hardware or connection failures.
  • Management – Your network can connect to the Internet independently of specific providers allowing mergers or reorganization within your company with minimal disruption.

Please feel free to discuss your requirements with one of our team should your business require registration or allocation of AS numbers or PI network address space.

Datahop can take advantage of our Local Internet Registry (LIR) status as full members of Ripe NCC therefore allowing customers to obtain address space cost effectively without undertaking the investment in joining Ripe and associated membership costs

If you know what you require please download the agreement by clicking the download pdf button below and email the completed document to  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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