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Founded in 2006 Datahop scored a UK first, pioneering the first commercial 10Gbps network which offered inter-datacentre and global connectivity in 10 of London's key Datacentres over a fully protected ring network.


Datahop is one of the UK's fastest growing internet providers* and supplies services to Telco's, international tier-1 providers, internet exchange members, UK service providers and enterprises throughout 20 key Datacentres in the UK and Europe.

Datahop's network has been designed from the ground up to ensure the highest possible integrity for its users, and  is supported 24/7 by a team with over 30 years of experience in ISP, computing and data centre operations.

All of the data centre installations are designed for high reliability with separated fibre routes in to and out of all our serviced locations, redundant power systems and the support of a 24/7 network monitoring operation.


Registered Address: Minerva House, Castletown, Isle of Man. IM9 1HU
Registered number: 115170C


* Source: Renesys Market Intelligence (TM) - top 20 UK growth 01/07

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