Privacy Policy

The below policy governs how we will use any information you supply to us via various sections of this site.


Public site:
Information you submit via a contact us form will only be used to provide you with Information on products and services we feel may be of benefit to you. Where you request support the information you provide will be used to provide this support and to validate your identity.


Customer site/portal:
Any change of details or request for support or information you submit via the Customer site or portal will be used to provide support and information we believe may be of benefit to you.


Browser transmitted data:
Datahop will use information provided by your browser to ensure highest compatibility with browsers historically used to browse the site, evaluate return on investment of marketing or advertising expense, navigation within the site and investigation of site errors missing or inaccurate links and use contrary to terms of permitted use.


No release to third parties:
Your details will not be passed outside of employees and contractors of Datahop unless required by order of court of competant jurisdiction or requirement by appointed law enforcement officials or otherwise in accordance with contracts and agreements with you such as our Master Services Agreement as modified by any Service Orders.



Any and all disputes to be settled in accordance with laws of the Isle of Man whose jurisdiction you irrevocably submit.




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