Remote Hands

Inevitably situations can arise when physical intervention is necessary to resolve a problem or accomplish a task. This is when Datahop’s Remote Hands service can help often not only saving your time and getting your services operational faster, but also can provide a significant saving and protection from loss of business or reputational damage that come with an unexpected outage, this is without even considering the inconvenience and associated transport, parking and freight costs that our services and local engineers can help you avoid.

The Datahop Remote Hands service is designed to provide rapid on-site hands and eyes resource should physical intervention to equipment become necessary when the customer is unable to attend personally. Datahop can provide the reassurance of an efficient and rapid response to any situation that requires physical or visual assistance.

Examples of Remote Hands services that Datahop can provide include:

  • Provide visual verification to assist remote troubleshooting efforts
  • Reboot or power cycle servers, routers, and other equipment
  • Swapping removable media (tapes, CDs, DVDs, etc.)
  • Relaying equipment status and entering commands onto a pre-installed console
  • Installation and configuration of Keyboard, VGA or KVM equipment
  • Setup and connection of console port for remote management by customer.
  • Swapping of hot swappable components (Fan, Hard Drive, Power Supply )

Customers can request scheduled or unscheduled remote hands support 24x7 at all core data centres.



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