Datahop bandwidth has a highly resilient architecture in that our transit is provided from two geographically diverse Cisco cores with packet forwarding deployed in hardware at London Telehouse North and Telecity HEX89 Datacentres.


Each of these cores is supplied with diverse tier-1 transit feeds on direct accounts such that should a failure of either core occur then this is a non-service affecting event for the customer.


Each Datahop transit customer is provisioned on a non-aggregated 100Mbps or 1000Mbps port directly on a 10Gbps backbone switch connected to 2x10Gbps uplinks.


Many providers save costs by aggregating a single gigabit ethernet port amongst up to 48 customer ports. This introduces a risk of future service-affecting issues for these customers during times where one customer sharing the aggregation switch may suddenly require larger than expected capacity.


The Datahop difference is that as there is no such contended aggregation layer, the customer is unlikely to be adversely impacted by the usage of other customers.


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