Terms of use

The below governs permitted use of this web site.


Public site:
The public site is defined as web pages or content intended to be publically available and viewed without any login details or cookies to identify you. The public site is authorised for access by current and potential customers of Datahop plus any internet indexer or search engine or other technology designed to facilitate access to content based on the needs of the user of that service ('search engine').


Release to journalists and news gathering organisations: (except hacks)
Datahop Ltd hereby releases content (including both text and images) from the public site to be reproduced, quoted, be transmitted by registered journalists and recognised news gathering organisations ('newsgathers') in relation to any article, news or other transmission of which Datahop is named participant. No fee is payable for use of such material by news gatherers.


Distribution of material modified without authorisation excluded from release:
Where in the professional judgement of the news gatherer that it is reasonable to believe that the content of the public site has been modified without the consent authorisation of Datahop the above specific release shall not apply.


Binding nature of release:
It is intended that this release save as above be sufficient and binding if held on file by the news gatherer.


Release to search engines:
Search engines may access the public site by means of indexing to facilitate access to relevant content for their users to the public site.


Customer site/portal:
Defined as any portion of the site included to be used only by current customers and specifically intended to be protected by login details such as username and password or cookie so that content displayed is customised for that user. Current customers are authorised to access the customer site to obtain financial information on their own account, request support and update customer details or to view usage information or special offers.


Any other use unauthorised:
Any use not specifically authorised above is unauthorised.


Unauthorised modification attempts:
Any attempts to modify content on this site other than by an authorised employee of or contractor to Datahop is unauthorised and may be unlawful.


Retention of Copyright:
Copyright is the property of Datahop Ltd. All rights, save as released for redistribution above, are reserved.


Datahop Ltd asserts its moral right as author of this work.


No formation of any contract from content herein:
No representation or part of this website or any emails forms part of any contract. Contracts between Datahop Ltd and customers are governed solely by Master Service Agreement (MSA) as modified by Service Order form the entirety of any contract.


Any and all disputes to be settled in accordance with laws of the Isle of Man whose jurisdiction you irrevocably submit.


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